October 29, 2022

"I just bought a used car from a dealer (yikes). Burdicks saved me about $150 dollars for one key that would have cost me 2x as much .......... the dealer did not even have a remote and only had the valet key so after the sale they make me buy a remote from another dealer, in theory, but Burdicks saved me that misery. Moral of story: Dont trust used car dealers and get your remotes from Burdicks....... best regards"
October 26, 2022

2024-06-24 | 05:20:15

"I purchased a used car with only one key that is chipped. The dealership wanted over $300 for a spare key. I had purchased the keys on-line and brought to Burdick's Locksmith Services to cut and program. Only then did I find out that they also can order and sell the chipped keys. They were very professional and courteous. This model car needed to be at their location for them to program. They went out and programed the car in around 10 min. The price was good, but it made it even better when you get this level of customer service. I can’t speak towards the other locksmiths in town, but I will always use and recommend Burdick's."
October 18, 2022

2024-06-24 | 05:20:17

"Real pros. Used them multiple times over the years with no issues"
September 15, 2022

2024-06-24 | 05:20:18

"Great job was done!!"
August 30, 2022

2024-06-24 | 05:20:18

"Always a great experience and they have the solutions! A "